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    The ProLifestyle TrueScoop takes the guesswork out of making accurate protein shakes! Use it to measure exactly how much protein you’re getting in every serving!

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    You wouldn’t use a ruler to weigh something; it’s the wrong tool for that. In the same way, a plastic scooper is not the right tool for an accurate serving size when it comes to protein powder. This might come as a shock to you because protein supplements all come with a scooper, but have you ever thought to yourself “Two rounded scoops doesn’t seem very accurate”? You were right! In fact, our tests have shown that protein powders compact as much as 35% with finger pressure alone!
    Try it yourself at home, measure a scoop of lightly packed powder and then a scoop of tightly packed powder and see the difference! Your results with vary depending on the size of the scooper you are using as well as the protein powder being used.
    The important thing here is that if you aren’t weighting out your protein powder, or using a solution like our single-serving protein shakes, you have no idea how much protein you are getting. The ProLifestyle TrueScoop takes the guesswork out of making accurate protein shakes!
    -Automatically zero’s itself once turned on
    -Switches off after 30 seconds of non-use
    -Low battery and overload indication
    -High precision strain gauge sensors system
    -Durable, convenient to use
    -Stainless steel mirror surface design
    -Detachable scoop for easy cleaning
    -Great for weighting butter, flour, cream, tea or spices for cooking or baking
    Material and Size:
    -ABS plastic scoop + Stainless Steel handle (230 x 55 x 23mm)
    -Press the “TARE” button to switch on.
    -Press and hold the “TARE” button for 2 seconds to switch off.
    -Change the unit of measurement by pressing the “MODE” (oz/gn/g/ct) etc.



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