• Multi Serv Bundle

    Multiserving Bundle


    Includes two flavors of your choice,  2lbs of our premium unflavored protein powder formula, and the TrueScoop for accurate servings!

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    Product Description

    Based on the most recent and relevant research into protein supplementation, our unflavored protein shake formula yields 13g of protein from whey protein isolate, and 12g of protein from casein for a 25g serving. Whether you are looking for a quick burst of amino acids around a workout, or a slow and steady supply of all the necessary protein building blocks, this formula has you covered! At less than a gram of sugar from lactose, it will not leave you feeling bloated, just refreshed and full of nutrients! Our formula is also instantized for easy mixing. In fact, this product mixes so easily you can mix it in a large glass with a spoon! Try that with a conventional protein shake!
    Almost all supplement companies say the have the best tasting, highest quality protein shakes on the market. We are the only company that has figured out how to eliminate the need for binders and fillers in our shakes!
    We are the first in the industry to utilize “Liquid Flavoring” which eliminates the need for binders and fillers that you find in all conventional protein shakes. Binders, fillers, and preservatives all degrade the quality and taste of your protein shakes which is a compromise we weren’t willing to make! You will immediately taste the difference the first time you tear into one of our six delicious flavors! is a completely new protein shake experience while being more accurate, customizable, and delicious than anything else on the market!
    Product Highlights:
    – Less filling and bloating than conventional protein shakes, while still being satisfying and satiating if you are limiting calories.
    -Customize you shake to taste exactly how you want!
    -Extremely easy mixing, and cleans up easier than conventional shakes with binders and fillers
    -Unflavored protein means you can add it to smoothies and baking without being locked into a particular flavor profile(Chocolate flavor protein doesn’t taste very good in a vegetable smoothie FYI)
    -With the TrueScoop, weight out the corresponding  amount of protein powder for your desired protein serving.
    -Mix with the recommended or desired amount of milk or water.
    -Add liquid flavoring to taste and enjoy!


    Protein Powder:
    Serving size (29g)
    Calories 153
    Total Fat <1g
    saturated fat <1g
    Cholesterol 10mg
    Sodium 39mg
    Total Carbohydrate 3g
    Dietary Fiber 0g
    Sugars 2g
    Protein 25.5g
    Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate

    For flavors, refer to the individual flavor listing!

    After combining 1 serving of ProLifestyle Protein Powder (Step 1) with 12 oz of milk or water and shaking, add 1 oz liquid flavoring (Step 2) to taste.

    Do you already have a TrueScoop or some other means of weighing out servings, and you don’t want to purchase another TrueScoop? Tell us in the “Order Notes” at Checkout, and we will refund $6 to your order as soon as we see it!

    Our 2lb bag does not come with a little plastic scooper like all conventional protein powders because they are far too inaccurate! Weighing your protein powder allows you to have a flexible and accurate serving!


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