• New Year, New Me: HOW TO MAKE IT STICK


    Well here it is again…January 1st—the New Year! It’s time to get in shape and be healthier once and for all! To do this you will need a detailed plan outlining your goals and highlighting your motivations—winging it without defining these will only lead to failure. Creating a healthy lifestyle and making it consistent is extremely hard, but planning for success ahead of time will make the process as pain-free and convenient as possible! Two questions to keep in mind are: “Why did I stop working out last year?” and “Why won’t I stop this year?” Below are the tips that will help you answer these questions.




    Let’s start with the one thing we KNOW. You want to do this for many reasons. Unfortunately I can’t tell you those reasons, they need to be your own! Step one in succeeding this year and making it stick is to focus what you want. Set a goal! Not just one goal, but many individual goals. The key to goal setting is to make them attainable and feasible, but somewhat challenging. -Set daily goals, like eating right and drinking enough water. -Set weekly goals, like losing 1 to 2 pounds, going to the gym without a partner for a workout or completing 4 to 6 workouts. -Set a monthly goal, like 20 workouts minimum, weight loss of 5-8 pounds, etc. Then we have our BIG goals. Pick visuals that motivate you—your favorite fitness models, athletes, or whatever drives you. Pick physical goals like running a 5k or entering a lifting competition. Without goals, we have no clear end game in our head. The destination needs to exist in your mind if you ever want to get there. With attainable goals unique to you set in place, you will create both the path and have the motivation to drive forward!




    It’s easy to push gym time and healthy eating to the side saying, “I don’t have time.” In reality there’s almost always a way to make it work. Of course there are days that absolutely won’t work, but the majority of the time this is just blaming an external factor like time for an internal lack of motivation to accomplish an undefined goal. When you find the right motivation though, making time becomes nothing more than planning. There is a big difference between “I’m a busy person, but I am striving for my goals,” and “I’m too busy to workout and eat healthy.” Both people have the same 24 hours to work with each day. The most successful people in this respect are Planners—people who glance at what they have to do and decide how they have to organize their day in order to achieve it. This requires that you prioritize all of your activities to make sure that if you DO run out time, that it is the minor things like television that lose the time. On average, Americans watch 4 hours of television a day. How about going to the gym for 2 hours and you can still watch it on Netflix when you have more down time. It’s all about how you look at your life and prioritize. No one will workout for you or make you eat properly, but the results that come when you make the time to push yourself into a healthy lifestyle will make every hour you “missed” worth it.




    Keeping a log, weekly check-ins, taking pictures (you don’t have to post them on social media LOL), and measurements can all help you track progress. A huge reason we stop working out is, “I don’t think its even working.” When you really think about it, you probably didn’t notice yourself gaining weight or losing muscle either. You just realize one day that you don’t look how you want to. It took a long time and consistent actions to get you into an unhealthy state. It makes sense that it would be the same way down your new path as well. “Eating habits” are what got you to your current state, and they are exactly what they sound like, habits! We all know its hard to break bad habits and you need the correct motivation (see GOALS) to do so. When you have tracked your progress throughout your journey, you can always look BACK at where you were, how you felt, and why you never want to go back! Sometimes you may feel like you haven’t made any progress, but you look at some pictures or take new measurements and the proof is right there. It is truly simple science, you put in the proper diet and exercise and you WILL see results. If you get down on yourself, look back on your journey! The best motivation is you!




    Working a full-time job, having a family, keeping a social life, and keeping food on your table is what? TIRING! Adding in gym time and healthy cooking can seem almost impossible sometimes! Key word? ALMOST. It is interesting that we all say we are too tired to eat healthy and workout. While it does use energy to workout, the energy boosts you get in return are an increased, clean form of energy. Eating healthy does the exact same thing. If you are giving your body the proper fuel it needs, your body will give you the extra energy you need. Processed foods can make you feel lethargic and your body has a tougher time processing them. Healthy foods will not give you that weighed down feeling and as they metabolize in your system, the energy you crave to get your blood pumping and burn those calories will appear. You may be noticing a theme here, proper diet and exercise. When you combine the two, energy in the gym will not be an issue. The more you do this the easier it gets until it finally turns into a habit!




    “I don’t have enough money to buy healthy food and pay for a gym membership” is a common statement. Once again this is all a matter of perspective. You are allowing your current habits to dictate your life. The best way to look at food is that it is simply fuel. Just like with your car, you need fuel to keep going. No matter how much gas at the pump costs, you need it. To get to your goals and be a healthy active person, you need quality food. Keys to healthy food: Buy in bulk instead of just buying food for the day or evening. It is cheaper to buy in bulk and eat healthy than it is to buy each meal out at a restaurant or buy processed foods that have less nutritional value. You will be less hungry, eat smaller portions, get more nutrients, burn more fat, build more muscle, and that’s only with your diet! You can save lots of money with gyms or training programs as well! There are gyms that range from $10 a month to $150 a month. When you think of it as $10 a month to keep preventable diseases such as obesity away from you, it is worth it. If you are inexperienced and don’t know what to do once you get a gym membership, use the Internet and read up! It’s free and there are amazing sources out there. Bodybuilding.com has over 10 complete 3-month programs including every exercise (how, when, why to do it), complete meal-by-meal diet plans and motivational videos. There are many ways to have a very good training program for free with dietary guidance. FREE! It’s completely in your power to achieve what you want. Money is not a reason to set aside your goals.




    We all get tired of the same flavors, bored of the same routines and most of us just slowly filter it out. If it’s not interesting to you, you wont do it. ProLifestyle has addressed this issue completely with our protein products. You don’t have to buy a 5lb tub of ONE FLAVOR to use for months. That is just not feasible. Having nine different flavor options is a huge window that has been opened in the industry. You can commit to your higher protein diet, which is necessary for lean muscle and fat loss, BUT you aren’t committing to ONE flavor! At any time you can change your flavor or even add your protein into coffee, yogurt, cookie recipes, pancakes, oatmeal, the milk in your cereal, etc. The possibilities are endless and the results of keeping your supplement routine fresh are amazing. You keep that spark of desire and look forward to your next protein shake instead of having to choke down yet another chocolate, badly mixed cocktail of binders and fillers with minimal quality protein. Keep it fresh. Keep it simple. Keep it high quality. You should LOVE YOUR PROTEIN!




    I highly suggest that over time you work on building confidence in yourself at the gym no matter your level of experience. Being around others can be highly motivating but some people have a hard time with this, and don’t like having others eyes on them. If this is a problem for you, make it one of your long-term goals to get out on the main gym floor and get your workout in. You deserve it as much as every other person in the gym! No one is better than you. We are all learning and those who “know everything” usually have the most learning to do! A body is an ever-changing vessel and you have the power to make it what you want it to be. Nobody is wrong or right about how a body should be. Be comfortable in your own skin and set your goals and focus on them until you have completed them. Everyone deserves to be happy and healthy and every single person CAN do it. With the proper tools, motivation, and goals set in place. YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE.

    Now back to the questions I mentioned earlier! Why did you stop working out last year? Why won’t you stop this year? Answer these in line with your personal goals and motivations to pave your way in 2016!

    Credit – Eason Orion

    Sales Manager

    ProLifestyle LLC.