• “Best” Protein Shake Possible?

    When we set out to make the best protein shake possible, we first had to define what “Best” really means. To answer this, we looked at how active individuals currently use and subsequently benefit from protein supplementation in their diets. We came up with the three important prerequisites for a great protein supplement:


    The first prerequisite is that the quality is of the highest standard possible. The purpose of a protein shake is supplement your total protein intake. Putting effort into your diet and then drinking a low quality protein supplement doesn’t make sense, nor does drinking a high quality protein shake following low quality fast food. Neither of these approaches is likely to get you closer to your physical goals. We define the “Quality” of a protein supplement by its protein content versus its weight, which tells us how much flavoring, filler, and preservatives are added. Additionally the type and source of the protein dictates how much of it you can digest, and the time it takes to digest.

    Based on the most recent and relevant research into protein supplementation, we developed a formula that yields 13g of protein from whey protein isolate and 12g of protein from casein. Whether you are looking for a quick burst of amino acids around a workout or a slow and steady supply of all the necessary protein building blocks, this formula has you covered! With less than a gram of sugar from lactose, it will not leave you feeling bloated, just refreshed and full of nutrients! Our formula is also instantized for easy mixing. In fact, this product mixes so easily you can mix it in a large glass with a spoon! Try that with a conventional protein shake!!


    The second prerequisite is that the product must be memorably delicious. Most people have a love-hate relationship with Protein shakes. Love for the quick and easy nutrition, and hate for the clumpy texture, bloating, and artificial taste. The better a protein supplement tastes, the more likely you are to use it and receive the benefits!

    Introducing Liquid Flavoring!

    Early on in the process, we found that the biggest negative factor affecting the quality of all conventional protein shakes is the flavoring component of the powder. Quality, unflavored protein powder is very stable on its own but powdered flavoring requires preservatives, binders, and fillers to stay uniformly mixed. Liquid flavoring however, requires fewer preservatives to stay fresh, and keeping it separate from the powder eliminates the need for binders and fillers completely! Because of this, we had no constraints on what kind of protein we could use or combine in our formula. So how does it taste? A whole world of flavors and options opened up when we moved past the constraints of powdered flavoring. Instead of trying to cover up the taste of our powder, filler, and binders like conventional protein shakes, we were instead able to pick the flavors that paired with it best! All 9 of our flavors are light and refreshing with a consistency that mimics 2% milk. When combined with water, the taste is light and easy to drink without the heavy aftertaste common in most other protein shakes. For a creamier texture, combine with milk.


    Our last prerequisite is that the product must be convenient so that it is available when it’s needed. When you are at the gym, at work, or away on a business trip or vacation, you can’t benefit if the product isn’t available for you to use! That part sounds obvious, however you or someone you know has 5 pound tub of protein powder that’s been sitting on their counter for months gathering dust and inconvenience is part of the reason why!

    To address this we created a single serving package design that can go anywhere you go! Measuring in at only 8”x4” each, you can:

    – Throw it in your gym bag, trunk, or purse so it is ready when you are.

    – An individual serving means that you aren’t locked into one flavor till you finish a whole tub. Get the flavor you want when you want it!

    – At only 1 ounce of fluid each, you can take it on your next flight.

    – Up to 5 packets fit into a normal 28oz shaker bottle so you can throw it in your luggage when you are on the road.

    Starting with a clean slate and using these three prerequisites as a framework, ProLifestyle has been able develop a protein shake that harnesses multiple innovations never before seen in the nutrition industry! Did we meet our goal of making the “Best” protein supplement on the market?

    You be the judge! Let us know what you think! 

    As always, Love your Protein!

    ProLifestyle LLC.