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    Below is a description of each of the tabs you have access to in the Affiliate Area. If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Info@ProLifestyleLLC.com

    Affiliate URLs

    The Affiliate URLs tab is where you will find your referral URL that you can share on any social media outlet(Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest). When a customer clicks your link and makes a purchase, you receive a 33% sales commission of the total purchase amount! Additionally if you would like your referral link to go to a specific page on Loveyourprotein.com, to a specific flavor for example, cut and paste the URL into the Page URL box to have it generated! By entering a Campaign Name, you can track how multiple URLs are performing as a group. This is also a good place to add notes ei: Link posted on personal Facebook page on 3/11/2016


    The Statistics tab is designed to let you track how many visits your referral URLs are generating, how many purchases then have created, and your sales commission! When a customer makes a purchase either by clicking through your referral URL or by using your Coupon Code, your sales commission will show up under Unpaid Earnings. Once we have had a chance to approve the transaction (This usually takes a few hours), the value will shift over to Paid Earnings. At this point you will be able to redeem that value as store credit on any purchase at checkout! If you don’t use the full amount, the remainder will stay in your account for next time.


    The Graphs tab lets you track your earnings, as well as the status of those earnings. When a customer makes a purchase using either your Referral URL our your Coupon Code, your sales commission will first show up as Unpaid Referral Earnings. After we have had a chance to confirm that it is a real purchase and the transaction is complete (This usually takes a few hours), the commission will then show up as Paid Referral Earnings. If there is an issue of change to the order, it will show up as Pending or Rejected Referral Earnings depending on the situation.


    The Referrals tab is where you can find the of the purchase that have resulted from your Referral URLs or Coupon Code, along with the commission value and status.


    The Visits tab lets your see all of the visits to Loveyourprotein.com through your Referral URLs. This tab give you insight into what page people are visiting, as well as the device they are visiting on.


    The Creatives tab has ProLifestyle logos you can share to complement posts on social media. Settings Your payment email should be the best email to contact you regarding your sales commissions. You also have the option to enable referral notifications that will email you when you have received commission for a sale!


    The Coupons tab is where you will find your Coupon Codes. These codes can be shared with potential customers online or in person, they just need to be entered during checkout!. The standard coupon code is 15% off of the total purchase value of your customers order. Email us at Info@ProLifestyleLLC.com if you would like a custom code generated for you ei: Free Shipping, Free Samples, a different discount amount.